Millennials: Once in a blue moon

Red. That’s the colour of a blue moon. A phenomenon. Something that occurs infrequently. Something that takes aeons to come around.

Well, 2.7 years, actually. That’s how often you can catch a blue moon. Not so long, really. It also happens to be roughly the amount of time between now and 2020.

In the same period, by 2020, the Millennial generation will comprise over 50% of the global

This is daunting prospect. After all, this is a generation fuelled by personal ambition and entitlement. A generation that exhibits little loyalty, other than that afforded to their beloved digital devices. A generation that is easily distracted, impatient and devoid of decision-making capability.

A generation that, in 2020, will likely be worth more than USD $6 billion to the global search and recruitment industry.

What if this generation were like a blue moon-clouded by misperception? Not actually blue.